Croptune: Boost Yields, Cut Costs

Unlock the secret language of plants with Croptune, the cutting-edge mobile application that transforms plant nutrition management.
By harnessing the power of image analysis, big data, and cloud computing, Croptune decodes your crops’ nutritional needs in real-time.

Why Choose Croptune?

Maximize Yield: Reach the full potential of your field

Private Lab: Save Time, Boost Crop Health With Croptune you will get instant nitrogen status readings for immediate corrective action. No more waiting for lab results.

          **  Certified by ISO/IEC 17025 for potato leaf analysis **

           **  Coming soon: Certification for 22 more crops **

Enhance Quality: Significantly improve the quality of your produce

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Contribute to sustainable farming practices

How It Works:

1. Snap a picture with any mobile device

2. Our advanced AI analyzes crop condition and nitrogen uptake

3. Receive instant, tailor-made nutritional recommendations

Transform your farming with Croptune. Our app provides instant plant health insights, helping you cut costs and farm sustainably. Maximize your yields quality and quantity and reduce your carbon footprint.

Try Croptune free today and see the difference in your fields.

The Technology

Nitrogen uptake picked by BIO optic application sensor

Our Farmer’s Plans

Field Crop

Orchard Crop

Greenhouse crops

Grow Smarter Now

Grow Green, Grow Smart with Croptune

Croptune isn’t just about better crops—it’s about a better planet. Our app revolutionizes farming by:

  • Reducing environmental impact: Less pollution from optimized fertilizer use
  • Enhancing water efficiency: Better management, reduced soil salinity
  • Boosting yield while cutting costs: Achieve max yields with 30-40% less nitrogen

Using your smartphone, Croptune provides instant, accurate plant analysis and tailored recommendations. It’s sustainable farming made simple and efficient.

Join us in transforming agriculture. With Croptune, you’re growing crops and a greener future.

Ready to make a difference? Start your Croptune journey today!

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