The Plant is Our Sensor

Plants are the best natural sensor for identifying deficiencies and can tell us when and what they need if something is missing so that growers can act immediately and achieve maximum yield.

Croptune is a real-time, mobile application that combines image analysis, big data & cloud computing, for recognizing nutritional deficiencies. A simple picture, taken with any mobile device offers growers, agronomists, and agricultural consultants a unique view on crop condition and Nitrogen uptake, along with tailor-made nutritional recommendations. A simple, one-time, setup with ongoing analysis becomes the perfect solution to answer rising operational costs.

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The Technology

Nitrogen uptake picked by BIO optic application sensor

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Making The World a Better Place

Incorporating Croptune into your workflow will help reduce soil, water, and atmospheric pollution that contribute to the crop’s carbon footprint, and will allow for better water management & reduce soil salinity. This is achieved by optimizing the amounts of added fertilizers.

Croptune is a proven solution allowing maximum yield with ~30-40% less N units applied, thus lowering production costs. As Smartphones are universal and offer instant feedback, Croptune is the perfect solution to analyze soil condition, by direct analysis of the plant, and provide growers with accurate recommendations.

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